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Reiki session (60min)

Reiki can restore energetic harmony when the therapist places his or her hands on the client.

  • 1 hour
  • 90 Canadian dollars
  • Montée Sainte Julie

Service Description

In concrete terms, during a Reiki treatment, the therapist places his or her hands on the patient, in contact or not, which has the effect of transmitting Universal Life Energy to the precise places that need it to restore the person's overall energetic harmony beyond the symptom. Reiki is transmitted to the physical body through the Chakras which are linked (among other things) to the different systems and endocrine glands which, once stimulated, secrete hormones into the bloodstream to the organs, cells etc… Each treatment is unique because it meets the needs of the person at the time of the consultation. Reiki healing brings balance on all levels and, along with the person's journey, can be maintained with regular, preventive healing. This balance integrates and spreads to many aspects of your life beyond your physical body.

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