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I offer 60-minute reflexology, 75-, 90- and 120-minute treatments, Reiki sessions and Metamorphic Massage.
For treatments of 75 minutes or longer, two treatments can be combined to provide a deeper relaxation experience while toning the body.

* At the first appointment, an additional $10 (taxes included) is required for the opening of the file and the health questionnaire.

Features of Treatment

With careful consultation, each treatment is uniquely tailored to the individual's needs.

From consultation to treatment, I, Josée, will do everything by myself.



Reiki is the universal energy that bring people balance,  health and emotional stability. 

Specifically, during a Reiki treatment, the therapist places his or her hands on the client, in contact or not, which has the effect of transmitting "Universal Life Energy" to the precise places that need it to restore the person's overall energetic harmony beyond the symptom.

Reiki is transmitted to the physical body through the Chakras which are linked (among other things) to the different systems and endocrine glands which, once stimulated, secrete hormones into the bloodstream to the organs, cells etc.


Reiki healing brings balance on all levels and, along with the person's journey, can be maintained with regular, preventive healing. This balance integrates and spreads to many aspects of your life beyond your physical body.

Reiki has the following effects.

  1. Relieve physical pain, cold, and fatigue.

  2. Enhance the body's natural healing abilities

  3. Stabilize the mind and maintain a positive outlook


During all of massages, this reflexology stimulates all the points and reflex zones that correspond to different parts of the body in order to improve the functioning of the organs.

Reflexology brings an immense well-being to your whole body, not only to your feet, as well as a deep relaxation.

Especially, ear reflexology includes a massage of the shoulders, neck and head as well as energy work on the head. it can improve many conditions of the nervous system. It helps to reduce the thoughts that are constantly racing through your mind.

Chakra reflexology is a technique of stimulation of the points and reflex zones located on the feet which are in connection with the various chakras or energy centers. This treatment brings calm, supports the personal journey and harmonizes the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.



Metamorphic massage is a technique inspired by reflexology and distinguished by its particular touch and "letting be". It allows the reconnection with the life force present in everyone. The metamorphic technique allows an energetic harmonization and a liberation of cellular memories.

The benefits of Metamorphic Massage is not possible to know exactly what it will bring in advance. 
But, Metamorphic Massage has the following effects. 
Gradually release painful memories, physical discomforts, emotional suffering by a deep relaxation.


Transformations occur and old patterns give way more or less quickly depending on what each person is ready to experience.
There is a rebalancing, a harmonization within oneself that leads to more confidence, strength and serenity.

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